Introducing HP Converged Cloud

Faster innovation, greater agility, better financial management. These qualities define who wins and who falls behind. With cloud services, IT has an opportunity to deliver business results. But you cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach.

HP helps enterprises, service providers and governments build, run and manage clouds. With HP Converged Cloud, you can choose an optimal mix of services delivered via traditional IT, private cloud, managed/virtual private cloud and public cloud. With the expanded bursting capabilities of HP Converged Cloud, you can ensure compliance with business and security policies. In addition to gaining peace of mind, you also benefit from extra capacity and predictable peak management.

You can access infrastructure, applications and information—anywhere and anytime—in an environment that's flexible, secure and always ready for change. Read more about how HP Converged Cloud enables "Services Anywhere" (PDF 283KB).

HP Cloud Services delivers a public cloud infrastructure that is business-grade, open source and developer-focused. We have extended our offerings to include off-premise cloud services.

HP Converged Cloud consists of:

  • Converged Infrastructure (servers, storage, networking)
  • Converged management (automation, management, security)
  • Industry-leading PCs and thin clients

Together, our technologies and services have helped many organizations build clouds that achieve optimal performance, management, security, governance and scalability. Find out how HP cloud computing solutions can help your enterprise do the same.

What's your optimal IT mix?

Businesses are adopting cloud services 2.5 times faster than IT operations. You can't risk waiting to catch up to the business. At HP, we know the decision to embrace cloud services can be confusing and complex.

  • Which applications and technologies are best suited for the cloud?
  • Which capabilities are best supported by traditional IT?
  • How will you manage, secure and govern this new IT mix?

You need to balance risk with security, cope with toolset limitations, and address the problem of inflexible solutions. HP Converged Cloud helps you define a delivery model that enables your business to succeed. Find out more about HP's unique architecture for cloud (PDF 1.6MB).

Map your journey to the cloud

You've made a decision to embrace the cloud. Where do you begin? HP can help you plan a service delivery strategy with an optimal IT mix. Visit to learn more.