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FORJ. Less clicking. More coding.

Development teams spend far too much time selecting, installing and integrating tools and infrastructure.

FORJ allows your team to be up and running in minutes with a fully integrated development stack – a stack configured to your use case and already proven successful by industry leaders.


Cloud Developer Kit – New Style of Development


Quick & Easy

  • Continuous Integration for the masses
  • From weeks to minutes


  • Install in any public or private cloud
  • Customize to your needs
Open Source

Open Source

  • Vendor Agnostic
  • Free Development Kits Available

The First Available Development Stack is Inspired by the Openstack Development Model

The Open Stack development project harnesses the power of over 12,000 developers located all over the world contributing over 10,000 patches and averaging 500+ code submissions every month. You need a powerful set of development tools to manage that kind of change volume and we want to make that stack available to you. Quickly. Easily. All wrapped in a powerful and consistent installation and deployment process so that teams can deploy this solution the same way each time.

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